hotel Accommodation website for Novotel Silom / located on the bustling Silom Road right where the city’s main commercial, financial and entertainment districts converge. The hotel’s 216 guest rooms and suites provide contemporary comfort where you can work or just relax. Facilities and amenities include outstanding food and drink venues that serve cheap lunch buffet in Bangkok, international dinner buffet, happy hour, well as outdoor swimming pool, sauna, and fitness centre.

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Cordless Drill

You probably know the drill/driver by its common name:"a drill." It lets you drill holes and turn bolts and screws, and
that's about it — but that's a lot of the work you do around the house.

Go with a brushless drill/driver if you think you'll mostlydrill into wood, drywall, or other relatively soft materials.

Need to put shelves up? You'll want this tool. Need to takethe cover off your HVAC unit? You'll encounter what seems like 18,000 screws,
and you can loosen them all by hand — or take them off in a few seconds with
the magic of electrics. Getting into Kreg Jig
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woodworking? You'll need this.

Handheld Rotary Tool

There are so many different uses for rotary tools. You candrill tiny holes, sand/buff/polish, cut pipes, etch glass — and if you run out
of ideas, Pinterest has you covered. Rotary tools are handy for everything from
automotive field repair to DIY projects.

Wet/Dry Vacuum

This might not fit the definition of a traditional powertool, but try sucking up water from a burst pipe with your cute bagless vacuum
— and then check out our vacuum cleaner deals, because you're about to buy a
new one. A quality wet/dry vac will handle all the messes you make with your
other power tools, plus multi-gallon liquid spills and stain dilution.
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With Smartlife home automation technology you can add the clever bits that make the biggest difference for you and your family. Integrated Security while you are home or away, easy to use entertainment and quality audio, automated comfort and energy efficiency, all at your fingertips.
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